Of Course Trump’s Not A Republican

Trump is not a Republican. This much has always been clear. Fiscal responsibility, personal sacrifice, family values, small but effective government, bi-partisan unity, free trade, pro-immigration, compassionate conservativism, and all that. No.

Fair enough.

My problem is that I’ve been trying to appeal to centrist/libertarian conservatives and religious conservatives with this framing. And then asking how? How can they?

That’s because I’m an idiot.

I’ve learned a lot, though.

You see, this framing is totally wrong. What I should have been asking — anyone — is “Why a nationalist populist?” The “Fake Republican” tact is dead in the water. …

Unsolicited Sales Person on Linkedin
Happy to gift you with a free pair of AirPods for taking the time to speak with me over here at Usabilla!

Unsolicited Sales Person on Linkedin
Hi! Thanks for the connect. Were you able to check my note? Would you be open to having a conversation and I’ll throw you over some free AirPod’s as a thank you?

— —
Days after I sat through a demo of potential interest to the company
— —

Do I need to purchase to get the airpods?

Unsolicited Sales Person on Linkedin
Hey xxxxx, we have the…

The Daily Outrage: January 17, 2019

  1. Some people somewhere thought it would be cute to show your 2009 profile photo up against your present one because decades are tidy and a large chunk of users joined in 2008–9.
  2. Lots of people followed suit
  3. Conspiracies arose that Facebook was using these posts to create facial recognition profiles (they already exist, and they’re right there for you to see on Apple, Google and Facebook products).
  4. Facebook itself engineered the experiment specifically for these purposes
  5. The reason for this experiment is a secret plan to attack your privacy in some unspecified manner we don’t know about.

So today’s daily outrage is:

Facebook conned me into using their product and uploading photos of me, which is an outrageous violation of my privacy.

Something Silly I wrote in 1999

“If you look throughout the world, France has to be the worst partner that this country has ever had. They’ll sell a nuclear weapon to anybody giving them 10 cents more to the next guy.”

“Germany wants to take over the world economically. They failed militarily … The Germans are trying to take over the world economically, there’s no question about that.”

“Look, I have a lot of Saudi friends. They are very, very good friends of mine, and they’re terrific, and they laugh at this country, how stupid. They have boats bigger than…

The Daily Outrage: January 16, 2019

So I unfortunately got on social media again today and I see that the recent outrage and outrage about the outrage has to do with a commercial for razors. Ha!

So here’s how advertising works:

A bunch of brand executives and ad agencies get into a room with the singular purpose of figuring out how to sell More Stuff. They look at a lot of data points and divide people up into different demographics and behavioral cohorts and they look for an opportunity to target some set of those people with emotional messaging and…

So I put on this Black Mirror show on Netflix because I came into the room and the kids had on that My Little Pony show and I was sick of it so I gave them a quick beating and sent them to bed. It was only 6:30 but I didn’t give a shit. Anyway, I saw this show and threw it on.

First thing I saw was Star Trek, so I kicked the fucking Net Stick thing and nothing happened. I know I didn’t put on Star Trek because that shit is on Hulu and every time I try…

I rather enjoy this kind of reaming from some unknown curmudgeonly, crotchety sales guy — who happens to be their core user. Amusing.


- First they yanked access to data from all the developers building cool shit on it. Like Twitter, who eventually kind of apologized after TWTR went straight to the SHTR.

- Then they took a Splintered App strategy…sensible on paper. Bust up the features into various apps and tiers of access according to the uses (job hunting, sales, etc.).

- What’s left is apparently becoming a horrible version of Facebook where, instead of clobbering each other…

The GOP “Big Tent” malarkey has always been amusing. The wealthy elite should know well enough that it means “throw a tent out there and let the riffraff in…whip up some resentment and let ’em know we’re on their side.”

Now I, for one, love to watch a writhing horde of winos crawl out of the gutters and crash someone’s cocktail party, chugging the tent’s Popov disguised as Dom Perignon and shitting in the middle of the dance floor, but it seems like the carnival barker/swineherd in the tent has his trough-swilling people really shaking up the tent poles and…

In keeping with the 24/7 psychometrics and physiological monitoring, here’s a piece about how moneyball is “over” since everyone is now playing it. The field is level again. So the next set of data is more about how the players are actually feeling (well..physiologically…which should include the brain too). Ideally, why not monitor them and start identifying the right psychological or physiological patterns for optimal chances at winning? Sure…and then I think about how Dock Ellis threw a no-hitter tripping on acid…or the ’86 Mets — all of them.

I also recently saw a KFC somewhere in Asia that scans…

Hocus Pocius

AKA Blindhead

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